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Hi I am Steve Ollsen and I am the proud owner of Hire Signs.

Hire Signs has been established to assist those business that wish to drive their businesses forward via mobile billboard advertising.

The full Video Trailer Mobile Display sign rotation is relatively new technology, in most cases new technology takes a white for people to catch onto. NOT in this case! Video is taking off! Business has taken to it as have the viewing public.

Video is the NOW thing, static mobile displays board have been uses for hundreds of years and we are still making good use of them. The electronic LED Signs, LED variable message signs (VMS) and associated systems are also widely used.

Hire Sign, Hire a Sign and Elite Mobile Cool Rooms are all part of the Stragollen Group which has been established since 1975 and has continues to expand with many new, large and smaller clients. Trailable mobile video display signs can be uses in hundreds of different situations and they work and do drive customers to those business using them.

Hire Sign Australia is a leading supplier of electronic LED Signs, LED variable message signs (VMS) and video associated systems. We are based in Sydney.

Our commitment to offer our clients only the best possible service and support, we offer you products of the highest quality and reliability.

We are available to assist you with any enquiry you might have our team of technical specialists are more than happy to tailor a cost effective and innovative solution to suit your situation.

Please make the call have one of our Mobile Video signs promoting you today!

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Hire A Sign Sydney
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